City Project- The Craziest Things I Have Done with Google Earth

July is here! New pictures from Google Earth City are posted- Starland Pictures
Big City in Mind

I am no architect, designer, artist, but after about 25 months, I have constructed a city from ground zero all up to my own imagination. I never knew it would get to this far.

I have built a country. I have built several cities. I have built railways, expressways, shopping centers, business districts, war zones, partition walls, airports, etc. I have gathered all I could find around the world and added to this nice euphoric paradise. It took me hours everyday to build things. None of these are real.

This city is built with very primitive materials. Polygons, icons and lines. I honestly don't know how to use Google Warehouse software and I ignored it.

Special thanks to whoever created Google and Google Earth. Prior to my interactions with Google Earth. I have extensively used Microsoft Paint to build imaginary skylines.


One day, everything was lost. The computer crashed, I do not know exactly why it happened. Nevertheless, I have rescued my city data (Google Earth Package). Regretfully, I do not know how do use it. If there is some one out there who can help me on this please send me a note through Contact.


Only things that are left, are my print-screened pictures. I want to share them with you today.

(The site started on May 18, 2010)
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